Bryant Condemns Governor’s So-Called Temporary Closures of Two Correctional Facilities

State Senator Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) released the following statement in response to the Pritzker Administration’s announced plan to temporarily close Statesville and Logan Correctional Centers:

“The Governor and his Administration are claiming that the so-called temporary closures of Statesville and Logan Correctional Centers demonstrates their commitment to strengthening our state’s correctional system infrastructure. However, his track record when it comes to corrections has repeatedly told a different story.

“The Governor previously used the line of temporary closures when it came to both the DuQuion and Dixon Springs Structured Impact Programs in order to avoid the closure process laid out under the State Facilities Closure Act. To this day, neither site has been reopened despite line items within the budget. This is why no one should trust a word from this Administration when it comes to so-called temporary closures of any correctional facility, including Statesville and Logan.

“The Pritzker Administration doesn’t care about these facilities, their employees or even their residents. They only care about their own public perception.”

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