Bryant co-sponsors bill to help combat fentanyl epidemic

In her effort to help combat the ongoing fentanyl epidemic that is hurting Illinois families, State Senator Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) has signed on as a chief co-sponsor for Senate Bill 4221, which creates two new offenses and penalties for individuals who intentionally sell scheduled drugs with fentanyl or use electronic communication devices to sell fentanyl.

“As fentanyl continues to flood into our communities and state, we must do everything we can as lawmakers to fight this poison that is claiming so many lives,” said Sen. Bryant. “The time for action is now. More and more lives are lost each day that we do nothing.” 

Senate Bill 4221 would amend the manufacture and delivery offense within the Illinois Controlled Substances Act to create a new Class X felony requiring nine to 40 years in prison for unlawfully selling or dispensing any scheduled drug, like Adderall or Vicodin, that contains a detectable amount of fentanyl.

Additionally, Senate Bill 4221 would expand the controlled substance trafficking offense to create a new Class 1 felony, which would come with a fine up to $100K for anyone using an electronic communications device in the furtherance of controlled substance trafficking involving a substance containing any amount of fentanyl.

“Senate Bill 4221 sends a clear and strong message to those who are seeking to make money off of the misery this poison causes,” continued Sen. Bryant. “This legislation targets and punishes the suppliers and traffickers who are taking advantage of someone’s addiction instead of the actual victims of this epidemic. It is one tool in our arsenal that must be considered in our fight against fentanyl.”

Senate Bill 4221 was recently filed and highlighted at a press conference by State Senators Sally Turner and Sue Rezin. Sen. Bryant is grateful for Sens. Turner and Rezin’s leadership on the fight against fentanyl. She is hopeful to see the legislation move through the legislative process during the upcoming lame duck session.

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