Bryant opposes repeal of parental notice

On Oct. 26, Senate Democrat lawmakers passed House Bill 370, which would repeal Illinois’ Parental Notice of Abortion (PNA) Act.

Senator Bryant spoke out against the controversial measure on the Senate floor.

“Every parent has the responsibility to provide for the safety and wellbeing of their children,” said Sen. Bryant. “But today, Democrat lawmakers have chosen to leave young women vulnerable at a time when they need a parent the most.”

The Illinois Parental Notice of Abortion Act requires that parents of minors be notified before their child receives an abortion procedure. Currently, the law simply stipulates that a parent be informed of the procedure. Parents are not required to provide consent.

Sen. Bryant argued that repealing the PNA will leave countless young girls vulnerable at a time when they desperately need support and guidance.

“As of now, Illinois’ parental notification law provides young girls, trafficked or abused, a way to get help in what may seem to them as a helpless situation,” said Sen. Bryant. “However, by stripping this safeguard, Illinois would be creating an environment that empowers predators, sex traffickers and abusers. It’s inexcusable.”

Current law also provides alternative avenues for minors who may not feel safe sharing their decisions. In the case of sexual abuse, neglect, or physical abuse by an adult family member, a minor who wishes not to have their parent informed can declare this to an attending physician who can grant a notification waiver. Additionally, minors can also choose to seek a waiver in circuit court, where a judge can grant an exemption.

“As a mother, I am saddened by the actions taken by the Majority Party today to attack parental rights and remove a fundamental safeguard for young girls all across the state,” said Sen. Bryant.

HB 370 passed the Senate by a vote of 32 to 22.


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