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Bryant’s Bulletin: April 16, 2024

Bryant hosts Youth Advisory Council in Springfield Last week, State Senator Terri Bryant welcomed dozens of high school students from across the 58th Senate District


Bryant’s Bulletin: April 1, 2024

Prisoner Review Board Decision Leads to Tragedy Two members of Governor JB Pritzker’s Prisoner Review Board (PRB) have resigned after a man released by the


Bryant’s Bulletin: March 26, 2024

New Legislation Aimed at Helping Struggling Families New financial help could soon be available for parents thanks to legislation designed to provide financial relief to


Bryant’s Bulletin: March 13, 2024

Bryant Unveils Constitutional Amendment to Ensure U.S. Citizenship Required to Vote in Illinois In response to growing efforts to allow non-citizens to vote in local


Bryant’s Bulletin: March 4, 2024

Report says Illinois is One of the Top Destinations for Migrants A recent Bloomberg News report points to the massive influx of migrants who are


Bryant’s Bulletin: February 26, 2024

Governor Proposes $1 Billion in Tax Increases to Cover Expenses for His Migrant Crisis On Wednesday, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker delivered his annual combined Budget Address and


Bryant’s Bulletin: February 15, 2024

Senate Republicans Highlight Pritzker Administration’s Misplaced Priorities Over Free Healthcare for Migrants The three Senate Republicans who sit on the bipartisan and bicameral Joint Committee

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