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Bryant’s Bulletin: May 30, 2023

General Assembly passes budget that reflects misplaced priorities Late last week, the Illinois General Assembly passed the state’s budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2024, which represents


Bryant’s Bulletin: May 15, 2023

Sen. Bryant Seeks to Protect Law-Abiding Gun Owners Law-abiding gun owners who legally purchased a firearm that is subject to Illinois’ recent firearms ban –


Bryant’s Bulletin: April 17, 2023

Legislation to Keep an Eye On During Final Stretch of Session Lawmakers are heading back to Springfield for the final stretch of the spring session.


Bryant’s Bulletin: April 4, 2023

Senate Republicans Call for Action to Address High Cost of Living In response to continued high inflation and increased cost of living, several members of


Bryant’s Bulletin: March 15, 2023

Governor to force over 100 residents with developmental disabilities to relocate The Governor and the Illinois Department of Human Services announced last week they would


Bryant’s Bulletin: March 1, 2023

Republican Legislators Call for Action for Choate Mental Health and Development Center Following another report by ProPublica detailing disturbing mistreatment of residents at Choate Mental

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