Bryant reacts to FY25 Budget

State Senator Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) issued the following statement after Democratic lawmakers passed a budget that spends more than $53 billion in Fiscal Year 2025:

“Once again, Governor Pritzker and his allies have set a new state budget record – increasing spending by 32 percent since he first took office. And once again, we are prioritizing spending funds on non-citizen programs instead of properly funding Direct Support Professionals, the people who take care of our state’s most vulnerable population.

“For years, Senate Republicans have warned Governor Pritzker and his allies that the use of temporary federal funds and unexpected revenue to create and grow new permanent spending was leading the state towards a fiscal cliff. Now, thanks to their desire to spend $1 billion per year on non-citizens, the citizens of our state will see increased taxes, so the Majority Party can hang onto the ledge of their irresponsible fiscal cliff.

“The citizens of our state deserve a budget that reflects their priorities – not a budget that prioritizes Pritzker’s national political agenda.”

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