Byrant reacts to the Governor’s partial lifting of the indoor mask mandate

State Senator Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) issued the following statement after the Governor announced that he would be lifting part of his indoor mask mandate after February 28:

“The plan that the Governor announced today is the height of hypocrisy. Starting March 1, children will be able to go to the mall with their friends without a mask but aren’t allowed to sit in a desk 6 feet away from another student without putting on a mask.

“Beginning next month, our state’s senior citizens will be allowed to go to the casino without a mask but can’t return to their assisted-living facility without one. It has become clear that the Governor is choosing to follow political science.

“Even states like New York and New Jersey have been more reasonable than our Governor who has treated our state like his personal fiefdom since the onset of this pandemic instead of the Democracy he was elected to represent.”

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