Redistricting committee hearings continue to receive criticism

The Senate’s Redistricting Committees continued hearings last week, seeking input from the public on how to best draw a new legislative map.

Despite decennial census data not expected to be released until mid-August, Senate Democrats seem to be forging ahead with the map-making process using the much less accurate American Community Survey (ACS) data, which is a sampling of the population. Use of this data has the potential to disenfranchise voters and communities of color that have changed over the past ten years. State Senator Bryant says this would be like basing election results on poll numbers rather than counting the votes.


Senator Bryant also noted that every Illinoisan deserves to be represented in our democracy. For too long, the people of Illinois have been deprived of this right, that’s why Senator Bryant joined with her Republican colleagues to file SB 1325, the People’s Independent Maps Act, which would create an independent map-making process—free of politicians.

Identical legislation has been supported by a group of bi-partisan legislators in previous years; however, not a single democrat legislator has expressed support for Senate Bill 1325.

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