Senate Forges Ahead on Redistricting Despite Census Data Not Being Available

This week, the Senate Redistricting Committee continued its rushed efforts to finish the redistricting process despite growing concerns about the public’s limited involvement and the use of outdated and inaccurate data.

While the concerns continue to mount, members of the Democrat majority claim that they want input from Illinoisans when it comes to redrawing of legislative districts. They claim that citizens can submit their own proposals using a tool and portal that is provided by the Legislature. Yet, neither the tool nor portal has been available for the public to use because of the redistricting process’ fast-pace and delays with the new census data. In fact, the General Assembly will not have up-to-date census data until September.

Rather than delaying the redistricting process until the census data is released, Democrats continue to hold hearings as they attempt to finish before June 30.

But what’s so significant about June 30?

The answer is simple. If the legislative map is not finished by the June 30 deadline, the Illinois Constitution automatically shifts the redistricting process to a bipartisan commission.  Instead of relinquishing control of the map-making process, members of the Democrat majority have decided it is in their best interest to use faulty data and limited public engagement to create the new map.

State Senator Bryant says the Illinois General Assembly should not rush the redistricting process, and should instead, use the census delay as an opportunity to reform Illinois’ flawed system that allows politicians to pick their constituents, instead of constituents picking their lawmakers.

Throughout Illinois, there is overwhelming support for redistricting reform and the creation of an independent redistricting commission.

The Senate Redistricting Committee will continue to meet next week.

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